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Now you can record tracking data from your bluetooth GPS receiver and send the track via bluetooth to your PC for direct use with "Google Earth". For business, holidays and fun.

There's no need for any conversion software on the PC side. The tracking data is ready to be used with "Google Earth". These files can then be sent by email to your friends or put them on your website.

On the PC side you only need a bluetooth dongle and the ability to receive files from your phone.

You can choose a logging interval from 1,3,5,10,20,30,60 and 300 seconds which covers driving speeds by car and bike and is also suitable for hiking tours.

You can choose to send a file in plain Google Earth format, extended Google Earth format including automatic waypoints including altitude, driving speed and time/date, GPX, IGC and CSV (Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice) format including altitude and driving speed.

Compatible with Series 60 devices 2nd and 3rd edition (starting with 6600 FW 4.09.1 and better and later models). (Including Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 7710, Nokia N70, Nokia N90)

While not officially supported this application should also be able to run on other JAVA (MIDP2.0/JSR82) enabled devices e.g. Nokia 6021. (A trial version is available to check if it works on your phone.)

You need "Goole Earth" Version 3.0 or better, an NMEA compatible bluetooth GPS receiver and you must be able to receive files via bluetooth from your phone.

Some hints for using GETrack:

  • Set the time until the screen saver appears as high as possible
  • If you want the backlight to stay on use an application like >>Torch
  • If you experience problems when activating the Start option (e.g. the application crashs) choose Settings and use a GPS Read Delay (a value of 5 should work, you have to figure out which value works best for you). (That's because some phones have problems in it's Bluetooth implementation.)
GETrack is available at >> and the 3rd Edition version at >> You can also download a trial version there.

New in version 1.56:

  • autosave a track if the application is shut down while recording (e.g. if the phone goes out of power)
  • export track to a file (stored to the images directory in internal memory) so you can send the track via email or mms
  • simple graphical track view
  • simple graphical track view while recording
  • automatically switch the GPS receiver to NMEA mode if in SiRF binary mode
  • option for your own time offset for the recorded waypoints (in settings)
New in version 1.60:
  • filename defaults to the current date/time (for the lazy ones)
  • track view includes display of track length in kilometers/miles
  • added a simple speed diagram view
  • added a simple altitude diagram view
  • 3rd edition version now uses the integrated location api (JSR-179), so on the next-gen devices with integrated GPS (e.g. Nokia N95) it will use the built in GPS
  • tracksize limit is now 5000 waypoints (but large tracks can slow down things on slow devices, especially if using the track view)
New in version 1.61:
  • the 3rd edition version now calculates the speed by itself since it's missing from the implementation.
  • one small layout bug fixed.
  • hopefully it runs now better on a MOTOROLA A1200 (there was a problem when closing and opening again the flip)
New in version 1.71:
  • the 3rd edition version allows to use it's own NMEA parsing which results in getting the altitude in meters above NN instead of meters above the WGS84 ellipsoid
  • IGC format export
  • a new main screen without flickering on 3rd edition phones
  • minor UI changes
  • some internal improvements
  • new logging intervals of 3 and 1 seconds
New in version 1.75:
  • autosaved tracks are uniquely named now
  • fixed a UI problem with track of size 0
  • added a 2 seconds interval
  • added some tweaks for older phones
New in version 1.77:
  • you can send tracks via MMS directly from within GETrack if your phone supports WMA2.0 (JSR 205)
  • fixed a minor problem when using on phones without support for JSR 75
Google Earth is a trademark of Google Inc.
Microsoft Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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