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Getting content from a MIDlet into the phone

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While we could create images, music and other cool content in a MIDlet there seems to be no way to get the content into the native applications (e.g. use a midi file as a ringtone or set a JPEG as a wallpaper).

On newer phone's which support the File Connection API this is easy. Just save the file to the right location.

On not so new phones like my 6600 there's still an easy way.

Just start a local tcp/ip server on port 80 that acts as a minimal http server. Now you can launch the native browser application with:


The silly native browser opens a gprs connection but no data is transmitted via gprs.

If you set the content type well it should be possible to get any content you like into the native apps. (Should even work with JAD,JAR,SIS,VCAL etc.)

On phone's that don't support multitasking (i.e. non-symbian phones) you could still transfer the content to a server on the internet and use platformRequest to get the content back from that server. That involves some gprs traffic but mobile traffic is getting cheaper even here in europe.

The only thing you should be aware of is that platformRequest on the 6600 only works with firmware 4.09.1 or later.

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