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Transfer files from pc to mobile

We all know it's fun and easy to use bluetooth, irda and usb to transfer files to our mobiles. (Okay, irda isn't really fun but it works.)

But sometimes you don't have access to those gadgets but you need to transfer something to your phone. (Or you own a phone that don't accepts all filetypes like JAD/JARs over bluetooth … something like a Samsung SGH-D500.) The solution could be pc2mobile. This service allows you to upload any file you like and access it though a small midlet (which actually only performs a platformRequest).

Try it here at .... (I have put this offline, see below).

It's for people who just want to transfer a file or two and don't want to setup an http server and key in a cryptic url with the tiny numeric keypad.

And last not least it's geat for me to experiment with the service prodived by >>

The dynamic WAP push feature is great. But it lacks documentation so here is something you should know about that:

The url that you enter when you create the product in your sharewire account is requested every time the WAP push is requested. I tried it using the premium SMS option but the other payment methods should work the same.

Then it asks your server using the url for the actual push url. (The url that the mobile opens in it's browser).

The first request looks like:

"GET /<YOUR URL>?prodID=XXXXX&number=00491711234567&custParam=&message=61"

The "message" parameter seems to be what you send with your SMS (without the SW keyword). I haven't tried to add some extra text to the SMS. The number is obviously the originating mobile phone number and the custParam is what you can specify when you create the product. That's quite cool.

This way you could insert the MSISDN (the phone number) into your software and then use WMA to send an SMS to the phone itself which is in turn received by your own midlet .... and have some sort of copy protection. Just an first thought.

If you think my new service is useful or you have any comments please drop me an email to _info_ _at_ _mobile-j.de_

UPDATE! Since I don't really trust the payment methods used I have put this service offline. First of all I really think there are better solutions (e.g. bluetooth or maybe a semacode based solution would be cool … ) and the other reason for this is that I don't really trust the payment method that was used. Maybe I should give >> a try (for sending a wap push message) and use PayPal to charge money for a service / application ....

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