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Ogg Theora on J2ME

Over the weekend I had too much spare time to do stupid things.

So I decided to port the video part of the wonderful pure Java Ogg Theora / Vorbis player >>Cortado to J2ME.

The video (Theora) part was easy. I just wasted a lot of time finding a bug I added myself ;-)

The user experience was very bad with that simple and unoptimized port. (Somewhere around 8 fps at 80x60 pixel).

I didn't looked into the Vorbis stuff because it's useless to port it (although the decoder should be easy if you have CLDC1.1) when you can't play it live.

Hope we can play live audio on the upcoming S60 3rd devices. At least they support the "rtsp:" scheme in their MMA implementation (I heard that, don't know if it's true).

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