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What users are saying about Bluetooth GPS Provider

Here is what one of the users is saying about Bluetooth GPS Provider:

"When I noticed yours was now FREE I had to jump on it and gave it a try. It JUST WORKS and doesn't quit. I started caching at 8am this morning, enabled your program, stuck my Holux 236 in my pocket. All day I loaded, unloaded Waze, GeOrg, Google Maps once or twice, had the phone off for extended periods, a few times left the BT GPS in the car and returned to it after a bit, etc.. Each time I turned the phone back on with the GPS nearby it immediately was working. I didn't touch your app again until I was done caching at 4:30pm and stopped it.

Unbelievable. :) Same scenario with Bluetooth GPS Mouse a month ago I had to reconnect it a dozen or more times, or worse, I'd think it's working and it really wasn't; I had to disconnect and reconnect then it was really working.

I wish I'd tried yours first, just happened to jump on the other one and was so excited to use the Bluetooth GPS I never tried any others. I'll be watching to see if yours goes back as paid on the market as I'll buy it in an instant. Otherwise I'll keep using it for free."

I have to say thank you! I really like to get that kind of feedback.

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